Love exciting TROPICAL decor?

Check out this new neon desktop sculpture - just completed!  Tropical coral pink neon flamingo, standing in a watery marsh with green neon marsh grass!

 "Normā  Over Paris"  signed, trademarked designer original - personally made and hand-blown by Internationally Renowned Neon Glass Artist - John C. Barton

Tropical Pink Neon Flamingo in Watery Marsh

Measuring 16" wide by 21" tall, this luscious tabletop neon sculpture is in 5 exciting tropical colors:  coral pink neon flamingo, noviol gold stained Murano Italian neon glass - beak and legs, deep velvet purple stained Murano Italian neon glass wing, horizon royal blue watery neon marsh, with brilliant green neon marsh grass.  Mounted in a deluxe aqua turquoise lattice work designer bowl, with opalescent clear and blue marbles - each marble reflecting the pink flamingo neon sculpture!

THINK SPRING and transform YOUR home, office, loft, or condo into a tropical paradise!

Call today:  513-423-2618.  Email:, or use the EZ contact form on this website.  Speak directly with the actual Neon Artist and Glassblower, for luscious neon tropical designer decor - found nowhere else!  Additional photos below.

Tropical Neon Pink Flamingo Tabletop Sculpture
Tropical Pink Neon Flamingo Sculpture Base


Looking for a perfect interior accent? 

This 'Normā Over Paris' trademarked, signed hand-blown designer original will add magic to any decor!

Measuring 13" across, this decorative neon star is in all Murano Italian neon glass - similar to stained glass for color depth and beauty:  noviol gold, emerald green, and ruby red, with a dark blue transparent center star behind, accenting a clear 'crackle ice' background.  

designer hand-blown neon star

Dazzling neon artworks... by John C. Barton - International Neon Glass Artist


Not satisfied with ordinary 'out of the box' lighting and decor? Don't want your friends seeing ordinary lighting/artwork in your home? You're not alone!  Let me help you with a designer original in spectacular neon - made just for you!  A favorite of Interior Designers across the U.S., Canada, and Europe...... ready to hang - or tabletop 'Normā Over Paris' stunning originals... direct from the studios of Barton Neon Magic - Ohio, USA. 

Call 513-423-2618 or email: today! Different sizes, designs, and colors available by special order. Shipping to any location. Since you are speaking with the actual neon designer and glass blower, nothing is lost in the translation of your getting what you really want - SPECTACULAR!  I specialize in personal service - call today!