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Love SPECTACULAR neon?  Fascinated with glassblowing? As an Internationally Renowned Neon Glass Artist - John C. Barton, I personally design, hand-blow, process and make - start to finish - exquisite neon sculptures, artworks, chandeliers, and brilliant neon signs.  'Normā  Over Paris' signed, trademarked designer originals, found nowhere else.

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In the following three videos, you will see an ultra-mod neon sculpture in deluxe Murano Italian stained neon glass - noviol gold and cobalt blue, being hand-blown in the ribbon burner and crossfires.



In video 1,  I am hand-blowing a free-form neon spiral in deluxe noviol gold Murano Italian stained neon glass. The ribbon burner is adjustable to heat from small lengths up to 16 inches of glass at a time...... large sweeping curves, ovals, circles, scripts, lettering  - including right angle bends, double backs, rises, drops, rise-turns, drop-turns, spirals .... any maneuver needed to create the desired shape. With a cork in one end, and blow hose with glassblowing swivel in the other end of the tube, the magic begins! After slowly warming above the flames to avoid thermal shock, the glass is lowered into the fire - constantly rotating for even heat, and gathering the glass together slightly.  When proper heat is reached, the neon tubing is brought up out of the flames - the necessary shape made, followed by rotating above the flames - annealing - cooling slowly to relieve internal stress in the glass - very important for quality neon. 


In video 2, I am making curvatures and right angle bends in the ribbon burner, as a contemporary neon sculpture takes shape.  Every movement counts, and timing is critical - how long to stay in the fire, how much to blow into the tube.  I can't touch the glass where it's hot, but must coax it into shape - FAST - in mid air!  The second glass hits the proper temperature and becomes molten, there is no waiting - the time is NOW!


In video 3, I am in the crossfires  - ten flames converging in a central focal point. Here, I am making free-form angled three dimensional double backs and curves in stunning cobalt blue Murano Italian stained neon glass, followed by splicing gold and blue sculpture sections together.  Crossfires are used for tighter bends and lettering - right angles, double back bends, rises, drops, rise-turns, drop turns, splicing tubing sections together, and welding on electrodes. Three sizes of hand torches are also used for splicing, electroding, and attaching tubulation glass pumping stems - for connecting neon tubes to the ultra-high vacuum neon processing manifold.

As a neon glass artist, there is nothing like the thrill of seeing a neon spectacular "come to life" and light up for the first time!  The mystical glow of neon drawing you in!

Let's talk!  Want a brilliant neon chandelier, sculpture, artwork, or colorful neon sign?

Always dreamed of being a celebrity with your name up in neon lights?

Let me help transform YOUR interior into SPECTACULAR!  From shades of white, pastels, to deep neon colors - I personally design and create stunning neon showpieces of the very finest quality. 

Specializing in PERSONAL SERVICE - call today: 513-423-2618. Email:, or use the EZ contact form on this website.  THE ULTIMATE!