Want something UNIQUE which nobody else has?

JUST COMPLETED - Majestic deep midnight cobalt blue stained Murano Italian Glass Neon Light Fixture - top left.

JUST COMPLETED - Elegant Treble Cleft tabletop Neon Light Sculpture in scalloped floral designer base! - Top right. Perfect gift for musicians!

Check out the all new          "Italian Cave Icicles" neon chandelier - 2nd row left, and "Mystical Pathway Neon Chandelier" - 2nd row right

Perhaps a Normā Over Paris® Cascading Murano Italian Glass Mirrored Neon Chandelier - deep or pastel colors - 3rd row. 

Luscious Neon Light Cylinders, or striking luminous floral arrangement in a beautiful vase?

Maybe a colorful Murano Italian Glass free-flowing centerpiece for your table. Perhaps you want a far-out mod look for your loft or condo? A brilliant luminous designer piece for your home entertainment room or vacation home?

Your signature in a colorful splash of neon?

Let me know that special look you wish to create - brilliant whites... pastels... deep colors... your guests will be DAZZLED!

'Normā Over Paris'  and           'THE NORMATTI"  signed, trademarked, designer originals... found nowhere else.

Exclusively by... John Barton

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Shipping across the U.S., Canada, and Europe