Expert Vintage Neon Sign Restoration by Renowned Neon Glass Artist

Have a valuable vintage neon sign? Need new neon, new wiring, new transformers or power supplies?  Want a REAL EXPERT in neon to PERSONALLY  restore your neon sign? 

This large Packard Dealership porcelain neon sign needed all new snow white neon glass, electrical contact cleaning, power cord and new transformer. It is now like brand new..... a stunningly elegant neon sign - just as Packard provided for Packard new car dealerships.  As a former Packard, Studebaker, Fiat, Triumph, BMW, NSU, and Citroen New Car Dealer  - Barton Sales & Service, in Middletown, Ohio - and an Internationally Renowned Neon Glass Artist, I not only make brilliant new neon signs, sculptures, chandeliers, and artworks  -  but also offer EXPERT NEON SIGN RESTORATION for a select few who want only the very best, finest quality and workmanship for their prized older neon sign treasure.

Have a valuable neon sign and wish it to be transformed to brilliance once again? Don't want to trust just anyone with it?  Insist on the best....... QUALITY MATTERS!!

Call 513-423-2618, email: , or use the EZ contact form on this website. Specializing in PERSONAL SERVICE and the absolute finest in quality!

Older Neon Clock Restoration by Internationally Renowned Neon Glass Artist

EXPERT RESTORATION for valuable older neon clocks..... this clock needed all new neon - outer circle in brilliant white, and inner circle in saturated rose, along with new wiring, neon power supply and power cord. 

For the ABSOLUTE FINEST IN NEON RESTORATION, insist on a TRUE EXPERT to PERSONALLY bring your prized neon back to life! , 513-423-2618 ,