Elegant Custom Made Hand-Blown Neon Clocks!

The PERFECT addition to any modern interior..... a custom made 'Normā  Over Paris' trademarked designer original ....found nowhere else - personally made and hand-blown by John C. Barton - renowned International Neon Glass Artist - Ohio, USA

Want your clock face customized with your name, company name, logo, or special wording? This particular neon clock was custom made..... with BRILLIANT majestic gold and horizon blue neon. 

Elegant Custom Made Neon Clocks

Available in SPARKLING custom neon colors and designs... personalized any way you wish!

Call today:  513-423-2618, or email:  info@BartonNeonMagic.com, or use the EZ contact form on this website.  The ultimate gift  - finest commercial quality throughout - A PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR INTERIOR! Shipping to any location.