Custom Commercial Neon Signs

Want to attract new customers to your business?

Don't let people pass you by, on the way to your competition! 

Nothing attracts attention night and day - like a bright, attention grabbing custom neon sign!

Your choice of neon colors and styles - customized to grab new customers  to your business.

"A business with no sign, is a sign of no business".  Don't let another day go by - call or email - as a renowned Neon Glass Artist, I specialize in helping people increase sales.


Custom Commercial Neon Signs

Energy efficient attention grabbing custom commercial neon. Put the POWER OF NEON to work for you!


For ALL of your commercial neon signage needs -  John C. Barton - International Neon Glass Artist, Middletown, Ohio USA. Shipping to any location. Email: . Telephone: 513-423-2618. Website: .