Own a beautiful Studebaker classic car?  Want THE ULTIMATE in SPECTACULAR NEON for your garage, home, or office?

Custom Hand-blown Studebaker Neon Signs by former New Studebaker Packard Car Dealer

 BRILLIANT Studebaker and Packard custom neon signs - personally hand-blown, made, and signed by John C. Barton - Barton Sales & Service, former new Studebaker Packard Dealer, Middletown, Ohio USA.  Shipping to any location. 

The ONLY such former new Studebaker Packard Dealer in the world, personally hand-blowing, making,  and signing these BRILLIANT custom neon signs - prized by collectors the whole world over.

This stunning Studebaker neon sign is freestanding for desk, tabletop, or showcar garage. Overall size:  36" wide, by 23" tall - all in deluxe Murano Italian neon glass, colored even when 'off', similar to stained glass. Deluxe black textured ABS background behind neon, with custom aluminum framework and energy efficient neon power supply hidden behind. Absolute finest A#1 Professional Grade - full 1 year performance warranty.

Be the envy of your friends.... HAVE SOMETHING UNIQUE in dazzling neon CREATED JUST FOR YOU - something nobody else has!

For the finest in Studebaker, Packard, Avanti and classic car neon signs, sculptures, artworks and STUNNING Cascading Italian Glass Mirrored Neon Chandeliers.... Call today:  513-423-2618, email:, or use the contact form on this website. 

As a former new car dealer, I SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE -  let's discuss your wishes in bright, colorful custom neon in your choice of colors and sizes!  I specialize in PERSONAL SERVICE  - since you are speaking with the actual neon glass artist and glass-blower, nothing is lost in the translation of your getting what you REALLY want  -  SPECTACULAR!