Love cars? Have a car collection and want a crowning jewel in your garage? Something spectacular in dazzling neon - personally designed and hand-blown just for you?

Whether you want a beautiful focal point for your home, office, or showcar garage, you have come to the right place. My sizzling automotive neon signs, chandeliers, sculptures, and artworks grace the finest multi-million dollar collections. 

As a former new car dealer - Barton Sales & Service - former Packard, Studebaker, Fiat, Triumph, BMW, NSU, and Citroen new car dealership in Middletown, Ohio, one of my specialties is transforming your showcar garage into the look of a new car showroom!

High end custom automotive neon
New Car Dealership Custom Neon Signs
Custom Designer Automotive Neon Signs
Brilliant Custom Neon Showcar Signs
Custom Neon Light Fixtures

Brilliant custom mirrored neon chandeliers - dazzling neon colors cascading downward in space - reflecting beautifully in your paint and chrome!


Since you are speaking with the actual neon artist and glassblower, nothing is lost in the translation of your getting what you really want - SPECTACULAR ATMOSPHERE for your showcar collection!  I specialize in PERSONAL SERVICE, and make only the very finest museum quality neon spectaculars - self-contained, ready to hang and enjoy.

You want something made just for you.... not something your friends will see anywhere else. You might wish your name up in neon lights... Call today, and let me help you realize your dreams in brilliant custom neon! 513-423-2618. Email: info@BartonNeonMagic.com . Website: www.BartonNeonMagic.com . Shipping to any location.