JUST COMPLETED -  Impress your Sweetheart with this 4 ft. wide by 3 ft. tall Mirrored "Kiss Me!" Neon Light Sculpture! Snow white with LUSCIOUS ruby red stained Murano Italian glass neon lips. DAZZLING MIRROR REFLECTIONS! Ready to ship - only $2495


JUST SHIPPED to Atlanta, Georgia -  monogram neon logo in Designer royal blue rare-earth phosphor and brilliant green. Made to the customer's exact logo design. White and metallic blue background behind neon, for rich Fine Art Gallery Look.

Want something UNIQUE which nobody else has?

Check out the all new "Italian Cave Icicles" neon chandelier at the top right, and "Mystical Pathway Neon Chandelier" below!

Perhaps a Normā Over Paris® Cascading Murano Italian Glass Mirrored Neon Chandelier, Luscious Neon Light Cylinder, or striking luminous floral arrangement in a beautiful vase?

Maybe a colorful Murano Italian Glass free-flowing centerpiece for your table. Perhaps you want a far-out mod look for your loft or condo? A brilliant luminous designer piece for your home entertainment room or vacation home?

Your signature in a colorful splash of neon?

Let me know that special look you wish to create - brilliant whites... pastels... deep colors... your guests will be DAZZLED!

'Normā Over Paris'  and           'THE NORMATTI"  signed, trademarked, designer originals... found nowhere else.

Exclusively by... John Barton

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Shipping across the U.S., Canada, and Europe