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"If you can DREAM it, I can MAKE it"                                                                                                         Scrolling down on the left, are examples of stunning custom automotive neon signs which I have made for show car owners and dealerships across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. 


JUST FINISHED - New Car Dealership Showroom Neon Artwork - top left photo - DAZZLING Custom 44" Neon Silhouette Light Sculpture of a '63 Split Window Exotic. Featuring deluxe black pebble finish background, this Neon Light Sculpture shows this magnificent show car in artistic three quarters rear view - STUNNINGLY BRILLIANT neon colors: saturated royal blue rare-earth phosphor designer neon glass, brilliant snow white neon, and noviol gold stained Italian neon glass from the Island of Murano, Italy - colored even when 'off'.


IN PROGRESS for Northern California - all new royal blue neon for both sides of a 9 ft. long Studebaker Dealership neon sign. All new wiring, transformers, neon - everything to bring this huge Studebaker Dealership neon sign back to life!


IN PROGRESS - going to Chicago - STUDEBAKER Dealership Showroom Neon Sign in all stained Italian Neon Glass from the Island of Murano, Italy. STUDEBAKER original script in saturated gold, with circle in cobalt blue. Deluxe stained Italian neon glass colored even when 'off'.  36" wide by 22" tall. Photo 3rd row left


IN PROGRESS - going to New York City -  39" wide by 31" tall - "Packard - Ask The Man Who Owns One!" Dealership Showroom Neon Sign. Packard original script in designer royal blue rare-earth phosphor neon glass, superimposed over a ruby red stained Murano Italian neon glass Packard Hexagon. "ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE!" in brilliant green neon below. Photo top right


RECENTLY COMPLETED AND SHIPPED to Maryland - 39" Avanti Dealership Showroom Neon Sign - in all deluxe stained Italian Neon Glass from the Island of Murano, Italy - cobalt blue and ruby red. Photo 2nd row right


As a former New Car Dealer - Barton Sales & Service - Packard, Studebaker, Fiat, Triumph, BMW, NSU, and Citroen, and Internationally Famous Neon Glass Artist, one of my specialties is hand-blowing ELEGANT custom automotive neon signs, sculptures, and artworks - SHOW CAR GALLERY QUALITY.

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